Markers, pencils, or crayons? Oh my! Read on for our recommendations.


Pros: Inexpensive, and that great waxy feel you remember from your childhood.

Cons: Not small enough for detailed work, not good for advanced techniques.

We recommend: Crayola 24 Ct Mini Twistables Crayons and Crayola 24 Ct Twistables Fun Effect Crayons.

Why: No sharpening. Get both sets for the color diversity and the fun effects crayons neon and shimmer effects will make your images pop.

crayola twistables crayons
crayola twistables fun effects crayons

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Pros: Personal preference – if you like markers, you like markers.

Cons: Can bleed through page, can be less forgiving than other mediums.

We recommend: Copics if you can afford them, Artist’s Loft Triangle Markers if you are on a budget.

Why: Copics are widely regarded as the best and we agree, but if you don’t want to make such a large investment, Artist’s Loft are a cheap and very decent basic set.


Pros: Detailed enough for small areas, versatile enough for layering and advanced techniques.

Cons: Can be tedious to color large areas.

We recommend: Prismacolors or Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils.

Why: Prismacolors are amazing, but a bit pricey. Crayola Twistables might sound like a choice coloring snobs will turn their noses up at, but they have a unique texture, are easy to use, inexpensive, and we really like them.